Classic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Classic-Ultrasonic-Aromatherapy-DiffuserKey Features

  • Award winning design is the most technologically advanced model on the market
  • Easy to use
  • Silent ultrasonic diffusion with patented umbrella cap which allows best diffusion of essential oils
  • Energy savings features
  • 5 different time settings & 3 different dispersion levels with auto shut-off
  • Relaxing and mood enhancing LED color light with ON / OFF switch



If you enjoy using essential oils, you’ll love this diffuser! The Classic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy diffuser offers the ultimate in safe and complete diffusion of essential oils into your room. The diffuser does not use heat or air pumps (which can seriously damage the chemistry of essential oils). The unit operates with safe low voltage direct current. The diffuser harnesses the science of ultrasound to deliver micron-sized essential oil droplets so fine that within a moment of leaving the diffuser, the cool mist becomes a vapor spreading evenly throughout your room. The Relaxing LED colored light enhances the mood. There is an ¬†adjustable setting which can help the diffuser last the entire night without refilling. As a bonus when the water level gets low, the diffuser shuts itself off.

You can read reviews from Amazon shoppers and see for yourself that this is a great essential oil diffuser.

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