Aroma Atomizer Air


The Aroma Atomizer Ultra Sonic Diffuser is a simple diffuser. The diffuser pushes the water and essential oil through to create an utra-fine micro particle mist that permeates the air. The diffuser does not use any heat which protects the therapeutic properties of the oil. The diffuser also doubles as an ionizer which helps increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and cells.

The diffuser also has an LED rotating light that helps relieve depression, stress, and fatigue.

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  • greenair-diffuser-featured

    Greenair Diffuser

    The Greenair Diffuser has 6 rotating LED lights which adds elegance to your home. The diffuser can easily work in a room of up to 500 sq. feet. The diffuser has a run time of 6 hours with an auto shutoff.

    Rating: Rated: 3

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  • ZAQ-Noor-Air-Aromatherapy-Essential-Oil-Diffuser

    ZAQ Noor Air Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

    The ZAQ Noor Air diffuser looks great in every room of the home. The Noor Air runs for 3-4 hours and has an automatic shutoff. The diffuser uses LiteMist technology. The ZAQ Noor Air blends oils and water perfectly to a mist which suspends the particles longer than most diffusers.

    Rating: Rated: 4.5

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