Essential Oils for Acne

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Acne is a common skin problem that many people have to deal with during their teenage years. There are some over the counter skin cleaners that can be used to help with this condition, some are helpful, and others are not. Many have tried home remedies, special soaps and diet changes. These things may help for some and for others they may have been a neutral attempt.

There is one method of care that is starting to gain attention; this is the use of essential oils. Essential oils are oils that have been extracted from plants. The uses for this oil have been growing over the years. Some people who make their own soap use it for a fragrance, whereas others use this oil for aroma therapy.

There are also ways to use these essential oils for acne treatment. One method of use is mixing the oils with other ingredients such as honey and yogurt. Other methods combine these oils with aloe vera, and some use oatmeal. There are many different ways to mix and use these oils, and if one method doesn’t work there is always another method that can be tried.

Some of the essential oils that can be used for acne care can be applied without any mixing at all. A couple of these oils that can be used this way for treating acne are lavender and tea tree oil. Using essential oils for acne care is supposed to help reduce acne and be beneficial for the skin. So when using these oils be sure and do a small skin test first, just in case there is any type of allergic reaction.

In addition to using essential oils to help reduce or clear up acne there are a few other things to consider trying. Drinking good clean un-chlorinated water and avoiding caffeinated drinks like some sodas and coffee. Also avoid foods that are high in sugars and additives. Taking a good daily vitamin may also be of a benefit. We are what we eat and our skin will be one of the first ways that our life style will be displayed.

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